With an infectious sense of fashion and need to steer the lackluster home accessories category in a new direction, Margaret Josephs launched The Macbeth Collection with an opening mantra of Decorate your Life. With the fourteen-year-old home & accessories line, Margaret Josephs marries together functional home storage and organization with high-design to make decorative living essential. After triple-digit growth and distribution in more than 3,500 stores nation-wide, Margaret Josephs spread the Macbeth Collection's custom-designed creations to almost every home product and accessory including: storage bins, baby pails, flower vases, umbrella holders, clip boards, etc. – all with the mission of transforming the mundane into a stylish expression of personal style.

"I approach each season's designs with a fashion eye in terms of what colors and patterns are going to help make a room's decor stand out. The products are not just about storage – they are an extension of how we want to display ourselves and our homes to the world," says Margaret Josephs, Founder and Owner of New York-area based Macbeth Collection. "At the end of the day, I want my customer to feel that they can transform their homes, rooms and hopefully their lives into functional, fashion-forward and sophisticated spaces."

The formula Margaret Josephs uses for Macbeth's success also comes from a steady, quality-driven production and up-to-the-minute designs influenced by reinterpreting classic patterns. All prints are exclusive and are designed & manufactured in-house. The development of designing and decoupaging the patterns onto metal is a specialized, time-sensitive process that demands perfection which Margaret Josephs oversees. Currently, the design portfolio combines more than 200 patterns ranging from stripes to paisley to skulls with virtually every print available to match each product.

It is this unique versatillity that has made The Macbeth Collection a must-have item for the homes of celebrities like: Jennifer Aniston, Oprah, Britney Spears, Denise Richards and Lindsay Lohan.

Margaret Josephs also designed Macbeth Collection products exclusively for Dylan's Candy Bar and Rachel Ashwell's Shabby Chic.